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The secret recipe of Gulten Dayioglu for being successful.

A word smith a hard worker and a crafted visionary… However she does not dream the impossible; she always researches the technological achievements and use the real facts in her stories. That is science fiction. Her aim is “broadening the horizons” of the children, to prepare them for the wonders of the new age healthily.

Here are some of the major ingredients of the recipe for her success:

“Respect the child”
She/he is an individual and has a character on her/his own.

“Love in the center of all”
There is no enemy no menace, only friendship and kindness in her stories.

“Being equal”
No matter their race, color, religion or social background all nations and societies in the world are equal.

“Value Life”
She embraces other creatures other than humans with love and kindness.

“Respect others”
Although values and traditions may differ among cultures, they all should be respected.

“Look into your soul and open up”
With each novel, she takes the child to a different voyage and helps him to empower his virtues and gain new ones.
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