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Perfect combination for success…
Impossible to resist her attraction!

Millions of books sold!

A novelist equipped with 42 golden years of experience.

Storyteller Mom, who educated and brought up three generations of children.

The author of most read books for all times, in Turkey.*

Millions of her books sold in Turkey.

Her book “Fadis” is printed 34 times.

The author of most read books in Germany, in the category of the books that are published in Turkish.

Her novels and stories are translated into English, German, Russian, Swedish and Hungarian. Complete List

Many symposiums are being realized by the respected universities of Turkey just to study Dayioglu’s literature.

There are doctorate thesis on her works.

A special symposium was realized to study her novel “Fadis” and 36 different papers presented with subjects varying from empathy to ethnography.

All the school books on literature for children in Turkey include some of Dayioglu’s work.

The Turkish dictionaries (including the dictionary published by the government) have many excerpts from Dayioglu’s sentences to make the reader understand the usage of the words easier.

* Gulten Dayioglu is chosen as the author of most read books in Turkey (among living authors) for all times by the Turkish Ministry of Education in the year 2004.

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