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A Brief Story of Gulten Dayioglu

She was born in 1935 in a small town of Kutahya in Turkey.
She studied Law at the University of Istanbul for sometime but then decided to be a primary school teacher and attained her Teaching Certificate. Working as a primary school teacher for fifteen years equipped her with an insight to understand children, to build strong relationships with them and to educate without offending them.

After 15 years of teaching, she decided to reach more children by stopping being a teacher and focused on her career as an author.

Her career as an author was started much earlier. In primary school her teacher discovered her talent at creative writing and guided her to improve it as she grows up. At the age of 15, her first story was already published in a local newspaper (1950). Her first book "The Gardener's Son" followed it. Ever since, she has written a total of 70 books (novels and collected short stories), most of them published numerous times and enjoyed by generations after generations of children and teenagers. She also wrote more than twenty radio/TV play scripts and most of them are broadcasted.

Along with her active writing career, she participates in debates, interviews and book signing events held by schools, various educational and cultural institutions, municipalities and nongovernmental organizations all around the country to get together with her readers on an educational platform as often as possible.

Alongside her novels, short stories and play scripts for the television and radio programs, she has carried out a number of studies on assessing the schooling problems faced by the Turkish workers and their families overseas and the education system in Turkey. Attending many national and international conference sessions, she has presented more than 30 papers on children's literature as well as educational problems. Since 1965, some of her articles based on these research studies have been published in two of the most prestigious newspapers in Turkey (Cumhuriyet 1965-1967 and Milliyet 1967 -1987). Frequently, she also writes articles for various magazines.

On top of her high school education in French, she has participated in English language school programs both in Turkey and in UK.

She is married, has two grown up sons and three grandchildren.

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