Award Winning Books

DÖL: 1964-1965 second runner of YUNUS NADI Story Award.

LEYLEK KARDA KALDI: 1974_1975 Arkın Children’s Literature Award

GUZEL HANIM: 1974-1975 Arkın Children’s Literature Story Award

DUNYA COCUKLARIN OLSA: In 1984 during the celebrations of George Orwell, German Publishers Associates choose this work as the book “Gives a Hope to Youngsters about Future” and took a place among three hundred books.

GUL GELIN: 1987 Turkish Family Health and Planned won KOC Foundatıon Story Award

KAFDAGININ ARDINA YOLCULUK: 1987 Ministry of Culture’s Children’s Literature Award.

PARPAT DAGININ ESRARI: 1989 IZMIR Municipality’s Children’s novel award.

Honorary Awards

1990 Altın Kitaplar award

1991 Children’s foundation Children’s Literature award

She was chosen by Kutahya Journalist Association as an honorary Member and awarded by pres honorary cart

In November 1995 organized by Ministry of Culture, EFLATUN CEM GUNEY Children’s Books competition she had won a Children’ Books mansion, which was illustrated by Nazan Erkmen.

In November 13, 1995 in her birthplace Emet, a street and a children’s playground was named after her.

In September 12-18, 1996 she was awarded by a “thank you“note for her contributions to informatics at the 13th Informatics Assembly which was held in Istanbul.

In 1997 she won the most successful children’s Books Author organized by TÖMER.

In 1998 organized by Sabah daily Newspaper’s subsidiary Mimoza magazine, she was among the seventy five Successful Women who contributed to Modern Turkey with their successful carriers.

In March 1999 because of her valuable contributions to Literature she was awarded by a medal, organized by Kutahya Chamber of Commerce’s 73rd Anniversary.

In 1999-2000 Gulten Dayıoglu participate to International Andersen Young Adult and Children’s Books Competition, which was taken place first time in Turkey, and she was nominated to represent turkey.

In November 2000, she was given Turkish literature Associations honorary award organized by Tüyap Book Fair.

In 2003 Gulten Dayıoglu celebrated her fortieth year in contributing the Children’s literature. This event was celebrated by article published in newspapers and magazines. T.R.T and other private televisions made an interview with her. Yapı Kredi Publishers organized Children’s and Young Adult Literature session on February 4, 2003.

During 2004-2005 Ministry of Cultur asked literature teachers who taught in public schools, who is the most popular author living or death in Children’s and Young Adult books. Among the death Omer Seyfettin was chosen number one and among the living Gulten Dayıoglu is the number one.

In March 2008, she was selected as the best Children’s Books Author and awarded by a medal.

Kutahya Social Security Hospital’s Children’s Department was named Gulten Dayıoglu.

In October 2009 Kutahya’s Mayor established a new library and named after Gulten Dayıoglu. The library was opened by the Minister of Culture.

In 2009 Kabataş High School and Kabataş Association gave Behçet Necatigil Literature award to Gulten Dayıoglu.

In November 2010 at Emet, Teacher hostel and Night High school was built by Kutahya Governorship and named after Gulten-Cevdet Dayıoglu.

In November 2010 a preschool was built in Emet by Ministry of Culture and was named after Gulten Dayıoglu.

A festive arranged by Kocaeli Municipality on April 23, 2011. And the award was named BABY FACE. And Gulten dayıoglu selected as the best Children’s Books author in 2011.

Eskader Literature and Artists Association arranged a Children’s Literature award. Gulten Dayıoglu won the award for all her published Works.

The Publishers Association and Tüyap decided that Gulten Dayıoglu will be the Honorary author of the Tüyap Book Fair which will be held in November 17-25, 2012

Honorary Events

Her first Novel FADIS was celebrated its 30th birthday in 1971 with various activities.

In April 23rd, 2001 she was presented Children’s literature Life Long award organized by Children’s Books, and Illustrators Association.

This activity was started in March 2001 organized by Altın Kitaplar’s Press meeting followed by a cocktail. Than in April 2001 the Education Faculty of University of Ankara organized a FADIS symposium. Eskişehir Osmangazi University organized two days international FADIS symposium. Education Faculty of Marmara University organized a FADIS panel. These activities also took place with various meeting in the schools. The paper presented in these symposiums printed as a book by Ankara and Osmangazi universities.

In 2007 Gulten Dayıoglu established Children’s and Young Adult Literature Foundation which is called Gulten Dayıoglu Children’s and Young Adult Literature Foundation. The target of this foundation is to improve the quality of the Children’s and Young Adult Literature. Encourage to develop high literature books for Children’ and Young Adult Literature. In this matter the researches to be made in the universities. Meanwhile it is decided that Gulten Dayıoglu, Children’s and Young Adult Literature award to be given. 2007 award was presented to the winner in May 15, 2008 at the Dolmabahce Palace. Each winner got TL. 8.000.