The riverbed of Ganges enriched with the ashes of the dead, homes some very special breeds of fish that carry both human and super human traits. Over the centuries of evolution, the brainpower of these fish has become much greater than that of humans. Being the most developed creatures on earth, the call themselves “ the Gangese”.

Over time, these super creatures become obsessed with the idea of evolution, because their utmost goal is to evolve into a human being to be able to live on earth and save the world from complete destruction by providing human beings with incredible and stunning new sources of life.

Ganga, is the sole representative of his kind, who finally succeeds to evolve into a human being. This book tells us the interesting and astonishing experiences of Ganga as he interacts with other human beings.

Even you may come across Ganga some day…If you concentrate your thoughts on him, you might even perceive his existence now…If you are able to succeed in doing so, you will be surrounded with the happiness and joy of taking a first step into a brand new world…

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