Starting at the end of the 20th century and moving into the beginning of the 21st, this book tells us about the adventures of a Turkish pilot who flies into different continents. His adventure starts when he flies to the Indian continent and hears about the story of ancient Jambuna, a sacred woman who once lived in India and who taught the first humans the building blocks of civilization. When this sacred and beloved woman died thousands of years ago, she was buried in the Himalayas in a tomb of ice. In this part of the world, it was widely believed that should the human race lose their guidance and faith, and go back to being uncivilized, getting infected with the plague of hatred which makes them cruel, merciless and loveless, Jambuna’s soul will resurrect to once again lead the human kind into civilization.

Jambuna’s deceased body can be seen through the ice tomb for a few minutes at dawn only once a year, on that special day when day equals night. The prophecy predicts that when the body of Jambuna becomes invisible on this special day, it is a sign of her soul’s resurrection in a woman’s body, somewhere in the world.

That year, as always, people gather at dawn by Jambuna’s ice tomb in the Himalayas to salute her body. To everyone’s astonishment, Jambuna’s body is gone…join us in this breathtaking adventure in search for the ancient and sacred soul in the body of a woman in today’s world!

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