This is a breathtaking adventure of chasing a group of antiquity thieves, starting off in the holiday resort Bodrum and going around the world as the smugglers flee from authorities. Mysterious tombs of mighty kings, captivating treasures of ancient empires…and only one little boy, Adam, who knows the way to the treasury room…

Abducted by antiquity thieves at the age of ten while he was on holiday in Bodrum with his family, Adam is taken around the world by his abductors on the run and finds himself in a number of adventures. In the end, he becomes a successful and rich businessman who comes back to Bodrum on his yacht…an of course, he is followed by the smugglers who, after so many years, are still after the ancient treasure. Little do they know that Adam has set a brilliant trap for them…

This novel not only creates a consciousness in the minds of children to care for and protect the ever so valuable historical monuments and sites, but also provides them with a vast historical and cultural knowledge.

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