Abducted from hospitals, a number of gifted babies have been brought up on uniquely nutritious food and schooling at a reserved farm-house away from any other human settlement to become experts on various topics. These experts come up with such astonishing inventions to restore peace among nations, to heal illnesses and make human beings live a much longer and happier life that people call this period of time “ the era of radiation”. The people of the radiation era are freed from all restrictions…they fly from one place to another with the help of the belt they are wearing which eliminate gravity…

A group of these gifted experts, who have no names, but are identified by their id numbers, concentrate their studies on outer space, trying to create a new habitat in space for humans. Their main achievement is the production of a fully nutritious food called “Emotion Product” for people to feed on in space.

After the experts have finally completed the construction of a city in space ready for human habitation, their connection with earth is crippled due to an energy blockage, which make communication with earth impossible. The experts are now left in outer space all by themselves. In the hope of some spaceship finding them in the future, the freeze themselves and start a long wait…

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