Ela was not one to take advice or cope with criticism during the painful process of growing up. She wanted to live and experience life for herself. She wanted to be out of the ordinary and let the course of life mould her character as free from any established rules as possible.

Ela had an imaginative mind. She did not believe that the rainbow was comprised of seven colors only. She truly believed that once people freed their souls from established rules, which in the course of time have made them so narrow minded, they would start to see the brand new colors around them.

With this frame of mind, she lived through a number of experiences when she was growing up as a teenager, both sad and happy…She had some hard times with her family and friends, but she also had many pleasant moments…She experienced sorrow, fear, anxiety and disappointment as well as happiness, joy, excitement and love.

And one day, she finally reached that magnificent door opening to brand new colors she had ever longed for, with a consciousness of life itself and an extraordinary personality embracing the universe.

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