I was on my way to Australia when I met the most peculiar young man on the plane, a genetic engineer. We had some very interesting conversation on cloning. Afterwards, he told me the story of a remarkable adventure, which inspired me to write this novel. It was the story of Defne and Burc, two high school kids who were passionately in love with each other.

Hence, the outcome was this breathtaking novel, each page filling the reader with increasing mischief and wonder…And yet, there are still some questions eating into my mind that I have not been able to answer to this day, with regard to their story:

Was Burc, my travel companion, a real person? Or had I traveled all that way with a human being produced in a laboratory using some advanced gene technology and cloning techniques

From the many e-mails and faxes I receive from my readers, I gather that they are also still wondering if Mo really exists…read the story and help us find the answer to this mysterious question…

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